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Open The Door To Inquiry: A Planning Tool for Teacher-Librarians and Teachers in Primary Schools
Hunter, Kaye (2009)
Includes CD and Poster
Victoria: School Library Association of Victoria
ISBN: 9780909978365
This publication is directed at both teachers in classrooms and teachers in the library. It is based on a solid pedagogical framework of how children learn best and shows how inquiry-based learning sits within the framework of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.
This resource reminds the reader of the importance of classroom teachers and teacher librarians working together to plan and implement inquiry-based units. It highlights the importance of whole school planning and gives schools the resources to ensure that this is made as easy as possible.
The WE SOLVE IT cycle of inquiry is explained in a clear and direct way, breaking it into two parts – what the learner will do and what the teachers will do.Each step in the process is clearly outlined with links being provided to other relevant resources.
Open the Door to Inquiry has been very thoughtfully produced, with the removable cover folding out to form a poster and the accompanying CD providing all the resources needed to plan, document, display and promote the students' learning. It even has the WE SOLVE IT song! The use of quotes from a variety of sources ranging from A.A. Milne to Chinese proverbs, teamed with a clear and uncluttered layout, ensures that the book is interesting and easy to use.
Open the Door to Inquiry is a valuable and informative resource for both schools using inquiry based learning and those hoping to move in that direction.
Reviewed by Catherine Farrell
Grange Hill Library
Genazzano FCJ College