Reflections and Actions

Vol. 15 No. 2 (2017)

School Library Association: Do We Really Need One? Eleven Years of APISI in Indonesia

May 6, 2019


When I started working as a school librarian in 1994, I did not know any specific associations for school libraries. At that time, there was a library association in Indonesia, namely the Indonesian Association of Librarians (IPI), but I did not inquire as to whether there were activities relating to school libraries.

In fact, I did not even realise that I needed a library association until 2005, when an idea appeared to gather several school librarians who worked around the school where I worked in South Tangerang. It was at this meeting that the original idea appeared to establish APISI (Association of Indonesian School Information Professionals), an association for professionals who called themselves school information professionals, instead of school librarians. The reason behind this idea - to rebrand our profession – was the view that the school librarian is now dealing with information. Closely related to the core focus of APISI: information literacy.

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