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Infographic - What a school library can do for you. (2021). Synergy, 19(1). https://www.slav.vic.edu.au/index.php/Synergy/article/view/487



 In 2018 SLAV released an infographic entitled What a School Library Can Do for You. 

This was an engaging way of illustrating the various roles undertaken by school libraries and the ways they can support and enrich learning opportunities for their communities. The infographic is available as a free download on the SLAV website, and it has also been printed as a poster and distributed to members. It is also used in a range of ways including as part of our membership benefits brochure.

The next step in the infographics journey has come into being.

Here, in the Interactions section of Synergy, we would like to share the infographic as an interactive tool. Various phrases and words on the graphic have been given a link that will lead you to examples of research evidence, readings etc., on that area of school library programming.

This new version of the infographic has also been given a new page on the SLAV website and we aim to update the page with new links and findings as they become available.

We hope you find this resource useful. Feel free to share.

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